Keys to Connect B2c Email List with the New Consumer

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According to alloxentric, an omnichannel communication company to improve customer service; appsflyer, marketing experience b2c email list and measurement platform; and in-store media, a firm specialized in shopper marketing, businesses need to rethink the way they interact with the new consumer in 2022, in order to provide better service and create a "fascinating" shopping experience, in order to win the loyalty of its customers and increase its sales in an omnichannel way. The consumer has evolved considerably and in 2022 his purchase decision is not based b2c email list solely on the need that a product or service covers, its price or the experience of using it. Now the consumer takes into account his interaction with the brand in his day to day.

That is why companies b2c email list must design an experience that goes beyond the moment of consumption and for this they can leverage technology." to achieve this, these three companies share some tips for designing that experience that makes the consumer fall in love at different moments of interaction. 1.- personalization. 66% of consumers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations, but only 34% of b2c email list companies treat their customers as unique, according to data from appsflyer's return of experience (rox) guide. In order to gain b2c email list user loyalty while using mobile apps, specialists must create a personalized buyer's journey where all touchpoints are connected and familiar.


The journey must be smooth so b2c email list that users do not recognize that they have passed through more than one point of contact. As for advertising campaigns, machine learning algorithms can help understand user behavior trends. With this information, marketers are able to create a perfectly tailored campaign that targets exactly the right users at exactly the right time. 2.- quick and easy service. The less time and effort a consumer must spend to access a service or product, the greater their loyalty and the amount they would pay for it: according to pwc, 52% of b2c email list customers say they would spend more for an experience who believe it is fast and efficient. In customer service, alloxentric points out that artificial intelligence (ai) and machine learning (ml).
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